Health Condition Programs

Get help with diabetes and blood pressure

Get a personal care team + connected devices to manage diabetes and high blood pressure — $0 cost to you if you're covered.
Digital health companies can help you prevent and manage diabetes and high blood pressure with:
Connected devices
Personal care team and health coaching
A community forum for member support

with covered benefits

These programs might be right for you if

You have elevated BMI
You have pre-diabetes
You have hypertension
You have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes
You are not currently pregnant

How it works

Create a benefits profile
You’ll see if you’re covered for $0 out-of-pocket programs through your insurance or employer.
Submit your application
Complete and submit your application with your digital health company to see if the program is a clinical fit for you.
Get started!
If you're accepted, you'll receive health monitoring devices plus 24/7 messaging access to a virtual-first care team that can help you achieve your goals.
Simple benefits check
Enter your employer and/or insurer to find out if you're covered.
Works with insurance
and employer benefits
Programs may be available at $0 cost to you.
Trusted security
We design our products and services to protect your privacy.

You may be wondering

What are Health Condition Programs (HCP)?
Health Condition Programs can help you manage conditions like prediabetes, diabetes, and high blood pressure. We partner with digital health companies to make it easy to check your coverage, apply for programs, and get started with managing your condition. If you’re covered for specific Health Condition Programs provided by digital health companies, you might have access to connected devices, a personal care team, health coaching, nutrition planning, and more. Some programs might be available at $0 cost to you, paid by your insurance plan or employer.
How does coverage check work?
We’ll check if your insurance plan or employer benefits cover a Health Condition Program using the information you provide, including your legal name, date of birth, email, employer name, and insurance carrier. You can easily apply for the programs on Amazon after we get confirmation that you’re covered.
What does it mean to be covered for Health Condition Programs?
If you’re covered, you might have access to program features at $0 cost to you, paid for by your insurance plan or employer. These features might include connected devices, health coaching, a community forum, and more from participating digital health companies.
What’s a digital health company?
Digital health companies offer personalized programs and services to help you manage conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.
Will Health Condition Programs replace the care I receive from my primary care provider?
No. Health Condition Programs are meant to accompany the care you receive from a primary care provider. Most programs require prior diagnosis, which often comes from your primary care provider.
Do I need to have a medical diagnosis in order to be accepted?
In most cases, yes. Digital health companies require proof of diagnosis to determine if you’re clinically eligible for programs.
How is my privacy protected?
Across Amazon, protecting customer data is incredibly important. Amazon Health Services (AHS) protects customer information with stringent privacy and security practices to keep information safe and secure. Individually identifiable information sent to and received by digital health companies who are regulated by HIPAA is protected health information (PHI) and we secure and protect it accordingly.

AHS is committed to building an infrastructure that fosters and promotes customer privacy and a strong commitment to safeguarding health information. Please see Amazon Health Condition Programs Terms of Use for more details.
What if I’m not covered?
We’re expanding our partnerships with digital health companies to help customers discover the benefits available to them and bring the highest quality care to more customers. Even if you’re not covered now, you can create a benefits profile and opt-in to be notified if you’re covered for a Health Condition Program in the future.
What happens after I apply?
If you’re both covered and clinically eligible, you can enroll in the program through the digital health company’s website or mobile app. After you’re enrolled, your program might include messaging with a virtual-first health coach, available 24/7 for advice and a personalized health plan. You might also receive connected devices, like a continuous glucose meter, blood pressure monitor, and smart weighing scale, at $0 cost to you. Each program is built with clinical protocols to help you reach your health goals.
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