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Prime members can add One Medical membership and get 24/7 on-demand care for $9/mo.
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*Scheduled appointments are billed to you or your insurance.
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With a membership, you can engage with clinicians 24/7 virtually or schedule a same day or next day appointment via the One Medical app.
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This benefit is exclusively for Prime members

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Day or night, you can start a one-time virtual visit from One Medical to find treatment for 30+ common conditions.
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* Messaging is not available in some states
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You may be wondering

Getting started

What is One Medical?
One Medical is a primary care practice for people across every stage of life. One Medical offers same and next-day in-office or remote visits, paired with 24/7/365 on-demand virtual care services through the One Medical mobile or web app, allowing members to seek care when and where it’s most convenient to them. One Medical is designed to better serve the needs of its patients and providers through thoughtfully designed and welcoming offices across the US, appointments that start on time, longer than industry average primary care appointments with providers, onsite labs, and more. One Medical provides a comprehensive and human-centered primary care experience, including preventive and everyday health visits, chronic care management, pediatric and mental health services in a growing number of locations, and more. Members enjoy access to 24/7/365 virtual care services through the One Medical app, which allows them to receive care from the comfort of home or on the go, whether it’s for acute needs at odd hours, or to simply manage follow-up needs and prescription renewals.
How is a One Medical Membership different from One Medical Pay-per-visit?
Members get on-going support for their health needs, and can use the One Medical app to easily book in-person appointments, including for chronic conditions and mental health, when they are near a One Medical office. Membership does not include scheduled visits, which are billed to you or your insurance.
One Medical Pay-per-visit offers one-time virtual (message or video) visits for common conditions (message visits are not available in all states for all conditions). You are charged a flat fee, and insurance is not accepted.
What makes One Medical different from other primary care and urgent care practices?
One Medical’s philosophy is rooted in quality care, patient-centered design, and a smart application of technology. To deliver the best preventive medicine, acute care, and chronic condition management, One Medical provides medical professionals the time and tools to make the best decisions for your health.
Each primary care provider places a strong emphasis on fostering patient-provider relationships based on trust and mutual understanding, taking the time to get to know you and your unique health story. Providers want to understand how your history and lifestyle affect your overall well-being, and they’ll collaborate with you to customize a plan that fits your life and helps you achieve your goals. One Medical providers aim to be your long-term health care advocates, partnering with you to manage your health issues and navigate complex medical decisions. By using diagnostic tests appropriately and avoiding overdiagnosis or unnecessary prescriptions, they empower you to make positive changes in your health and your life with newfound knowledge, support, and guidance. And because providers see fewer patients than typical primary care providers each day, they’ll have more time to spend with you to address your concerns. One Medical stays by your side every step of the way, helping you understand your care plan even after you leave the office.


What’s included in my One Medical Membership?
Membership includes personal services that enhance your healthcare experience, tools to facilitate access to healthcare services, and certain on-demand telehealth services that are typically not covered by or billed to insurance.
As part of your membership, you receive access to our app where you can:
• Send and receive secure messages with member support specialists and your care team
• Easily access your health records and care plans
• Request prescription refills and renewals
• Book billable in-person Office Visits or virtual Remote Visits in states where we have offices
Office Visits: Scheduled, in-office appointments with your primary care provider or a provider of your choice that are billed to you/your insurance. Copays and deductibles apply when billed to insurance.
Remote Visits: Scheduled, virtual appointments with your primary care provider or a provider of your choice that are billed to you/your insurance. Copays and deductibles apply when billed to insurance.
• Get 24/7 on-demand care nationwide with Treat Me Now or Urgent Video Chat via our apps at no extra cost
Treat Me Now: Get help for common concerns such as seasonal allergies and urinary tract infections by answering a few questions in the app. Wait times apply.
Urgent Video Chat: Connect with the next-available provider via a quick video call to address time-sensitive health questions. Wait times apply.
• For both Treat Me Now and Urgent Video Chat, your provider may recommend an Office Visit or Remote Visit based on your clinical need.
Does a One Medical Membership come with my Amazon Prime Membership?
No, One Medical Membership is not included as part of an Amazon Prime Membership, but can be purchased by an Amazon Prime member for an additional $9/mo for the first member and $6/mo for up to five additional members (an exclusive discount price for Prime members). Terms apply.
I’m not a Prime Member. Can I still get care?
Yes! You can still sign up for a One Medical Membership directly on the One Medical site, or learn more about the Pay-per-visit option.

Pricing, payment, and insurance

I purchased a One Medical Membership through my Prime account. How do I connect my Prime pricing to my One Medical account?
Locate and open the purchase confirmation email that was sent to the primary email address of your Prime account (don't forget to check the spam folder). The email will include options to either create a new One Medical account or apply your Prime pricing to an existing One Medical account. If you're unable to locate the purchase confirmation email, visit the membership management page and follow the on-screen prompts.
Why is there a membership fee?
The One Medical Membership fee covers access to the One Medical app as well as One Medical’s on-demand and asynchronous virtual care services, as well as high-touch and value-added personal services such as insurance navigation and referral management. The on-demand virtual services are accessible through the One Medical app, featuring 24/7/365 on-demand video chats, secure provider messaging, “Treat Me Now” assessments for common health concerns, easy vaccine and medical record access, prescription renewals, and proactive reminders for follow-up care and referral needs.
The membership fee is not a covered benefit under most health insurance plans.
One Medical is dedicated to serving its community members, regardless of their financial means. Payment of the membership fee is not a prerequisite for receiving medical care in One Medical offices.
Financial assistance is not applicable towards services rendered by outside facilities such as labs, specialist facilities, imaging facilities, etc. Learn more about options for accessing medical services at One Medical without payment of the annual membership fee on the One Medical website.
Does One Medical accept insurance? Is One Medical an insurance plan?
One Medical is not an insurance plan. One Medical does accept health plans from most insurance carriers as well as Medicare. Some of the more popular plans that One Medical accepts are listed on their website. Scheduled visits are billed to you or your insurance.


How do I get care with One Medical?
One Medical members and patients can book appointments at any of the offices across the US. We recommend checking with One Medical’s office prior to making an appointment to ensure your insurance plan is accepted at the office you plan to visit, as this might vary based on location.
If you don’t have a One Medical location nearby, you can still benefit from a One Medical Membership. You'll be able to get care right from your phone, 24/7, with on-demand care nationwide via Urgent Video Chat or Treat Me Now at no extra cost. And, if you travel to a city with a One Medical office, or if One Medical opens an office near you, you can book an appointment via the app to see one of our providers in person or via Remote Visit.
Depending on your location, there may be a requirement that One Medical first see you over video (or in person) before One Medical can provide care to you via Treat Me Now.
Does One Medical offer pediatric care for my kids?
Yes, One Medical offers Pediatric Services (newborn - 17 years old) in several of our office locations. Please visit our locations page to find out if we have a Pediatric office location near you.
I’m 65+ years and on Medicare. Does One Medical have an offering for me?
One Medical provides comprehensive primary care for seniors on Medicare who can receive care in-person. Learn more about One Medical's primary care for seniors.
I only have Medicaid. Can I receive care from One Medical?
Except for residents of Washington, DC, One Medical cannot care for individuals only on Medicaid.
Can One Medical providers write a prescription for my condition?
One Medical has experience with a wide variety of conditions, including chronic condition management. If your One Medical provider determines that a prescription is appropriate as part of your course of treatment, your provider will send it electronically to your preferred pharmacy, including Amazon Pharmacy if you so choose. If you have an existing prescription, you can submit a request to have it renewed through the renewal request tool within your One Medical online account or the One Medical mobile app after you become a One Medical member.

Other questions

I still have questions about One Medical. Who can I talk to?
For more information about One Medical, visit the One Medical website, the One Medical Help Center, or contact One Medical.

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This benefit is exclusively for Prime members

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